Middleton Autism & Special Needs Registry

What is the Middleton Autism & Special Needs Registry?

The Middleton Autism & Special Needs registry is a voluntary registry setup to collect information about community members with special needs in order to expedite help if Middleton first responders are called to assist with a crisis.

It’s been found that having prior knowledge will create a quicker and safer response. First responders who are aware of special needs can respectfully and appropriately interact with the individual when they are in contact with them.

Our Goal

The goal is to increase mutual awareness, understanding and communication between first responders and the special needs community members of Middleton.

Who should enroll?

Anyone with disabilities who lives in, or spends significant time in Middleton, is encouraged to register. Disabilities such as Autism, Alzheimer's, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Dementia, or any other physical, mental, or developmental disorders which may lead to atypical behavior or inability to care for themselves.

What is the benefit of enrollment?

This information provided can expedite the search for a wandering individual by reducing the amount of information collection necessary after a call for service, enhancing immediate efforts, and providing a basis from which additional information can be gathered to further tailor the search. In addition, the information assists officers by preparing them to respectfully and appropriately interact with the individual once they have been located.

What information is collected?

We ask for pertinent information such as a recent photograph and description of the person with special needs; contact information for caregivers; medical, safety and behavioral concerns. Information such as ways to de-escalate someone in crisis and triggers that may agitate them is important for first responders to be aware of while interacting with them. Also, favorite locations or other information to assist to locate missing persons or identify someone who is found.

What about confidentiality?

All information provided is deemed confidential and respectfully treated as such. It will only be accessed in an emergency as needed by first responders in an incident when interacting with the enrolled individual.

How to enroll?

Residents and caregivers are encouraged to enroll online by filling out the form below.   You can also pick up a printed form at the Middleton Police Station or click here to download a form and email to nstroik@middletonpd.com.