Alarm License / Emergency Information Forms

Please click the appropriate choice below to ensure that we have emergency contact information on file for your business or residence in the event of an after hours alarm or emergency.  You can also click to read the city ordinance regarding alarm license requirements, provisions & false alarms.  NOTE: All businesses should complete a form annually, regardless of whether there is an alarm system or not.  Residences are only required to complete a form annually if there is an alarm system.

If you have any questions regarding either of these forms, please contact Brittney at 608-824-7361 or send an email to


(1) Policy and Purpose

(a) The purpose of this ordinance is to establish controls and regulations applicable to the various types of intrusion, holdup, fire, and other emergency signals from alarm devices that require emergency response, investigation and safeguarding of persons and property at the location of an event reported by a signal which is transmitted by telephone line or otherwise relayed to the police communication center, fire department or other City emergency response personnel from a mechanical or electronic alarm device including those alarms already in use within the City.

(b) It is further declared to be the purpose of this ordinance and the policy of the City to provide prompt, effective and safe response to emergency alarm signals, to encourage effective crime and fire prevention and other emergency response measures, to guard against inefficient use of public resources and to provide for the general public safety. 

(c) For the purposes of this ordinance, an emergency alarm shall be defined as any installation of an operable alarm device designed to be actuated by a criminal act or other event requiring emergency response by a public agency which transmits a prerecorded message or other signal by telephone, radio or other means to the police communication center or other alarm receiving facility, or produces an audible or visual signal which alerts persons in the vicinity to such event.

(d) Residential smoke and fire detectors and alarms as required under sections 11.19(6) and 23.04(2)(n) of this Code shall be exempt from the provisions of this section provided that such detectors and alarms are installed for the primary purpose of alerting residents to danger and do not have an external signal or transmit an alarm or signal to another location.

(2) Licensing Provisions

(a) License Required

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, company or organization of any kind to maintain an emergency alarm device without first obtaining a license as hereinafter provided. A separate license shall be required for each structure, facility or dwelling unit to be protected by such alarm and for each type of alarm maintained.

(b) Licensing Authority

The Chief of Police shall be the licensing authority and is herewith required to grant a revocable license to any applicant complying with the provisions of this ordinance. 

(c) Application Requirements and Procedure

An application for an annual license, renewable on January 1 of each year, shall be made by the owner or the owner’s agent of each structure, facility or dwelling unit to be licensed to the licensing authority on forms provided by the licensing authority. Such application shall contain specific information on the nature of the business or facility to be protected, the identity of any occupant of a dwelling unit to be licensed if other than the owner thereof, the nature of the alarm device, the type of occurrence to be detected, and other information which the licensing authority may determine to be reasonably necessary for the safe and effective response to alarm signals by emergency personnel. Information contained in applications shall be for official police use only and shall be held secure by the licensing authority except that information contained in an application and notice that a license has been granted shall be furnished to the Fire Chief in the case of fire related alarms.

(d) Denials and Revocations; Appeals

A license under this ordinance may be denied or revoked by the licensing authority if the application for said license contained incomplete or false information or for five (5) or more false alarms under sections 4.06 or 5.06 of these Ordinances within any calendar year or fifteen (15) or more false alarms under sections 4.06 or 5.06 of these Ordinances within five (5) consecutive calendar years, provided further that a revocation be made only after a reasonable notice has been provided the licensee and the licensee has been afforded an opportunity for a hearing before the licensing authority. Any applicant or licensee denied or revoked may appeal the decision of the licensing authority to the Mayor within thirty (30) days after the date of action by the licensing authority and may appear before the Mayor at a time and place to be determined by the Mayor in support of the contention that the license should not have been denied or revoked. The decision of the Mayor shall be final.

(e) License Fee

The license fee shall be as set forth in the Fee Schedule under Section 3.12 per license year which may be reduced by quarterly adjustment of the fee required for any part thereof.