Home Security

Burglary and other crimes often occur in homes. This survey has been designed to help you identify vulnerable areas in your home. Burglary is a crime of opportunity. If you can reduce opportunity, then you reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

Survey your home with the checklist below. Go through your home with this list carefully and systematically. Every NO check mark identifies a vulnerable area.

Keep your guard up and take a critical look at your home security every 3-4 months. Do not become lax or you may be a burglar's next victim. Remember, crime prevention is a community effort. Law enforcement cannot do it alone. Help us help you make your neighborhood a safer place to live. Why not start with your home?


  1.  Do you keep a list of valuable property?          
  2.  Do you mark your valuable property with your drivers license number?          
  3.  Do you have a list of serial numbers on your television, cameras, stereos, VCRs, etc.?          
  4.  Do you have a description, photos, or VCR tapes of other property that cannot be engraved?          
  5.  Do you avoid unnecessary display of your property by keeping your garage door closed or valuables away from open windows?          
  6.  Do you keep excess cash and other valuables in a bank?          
  7.  Are you organized so that you do not need to hide a key under the doormat or similar vicinity?          
  8.  Does your family know what to do if they discover a burglar breaking in or already in the house?          
  9.  Have you told your family to leave the house undisturbed and call the police if they discover a burglary has been committed?          
  10.  Do you have a security closet with a solid core door, pinned hinges, and deadbolt lock?          
  11.  Do you have 9-1-1 stickers or emergency phone numbers listed on your phone?          
  12.  Do you keep your door locked at all times, even when you are in the house 


  1. Are your trees and shrubs trimmed to eliminate hiding places?          
  2. Are lights installed around the perimeter of your house?          
  3. Do you leave lights on in the front and rear of your home all night?          
  4. Is your house number illuminated or easily visible from the street during all hours?          
  5. Have you limited access to the second floor and roof by locking up your ladder and avoiding climbable trellises and drainpipes?          
  6. Do you keep your side gate locked?          


  1.  Are your exterior doors of solid core construction?          
  2.  Do entry doors have a wide-angle viewer?          
  3.  Do exterior doors have cylinder-type deadbolt locks with at least a one-inch throw and beveled cylinder guard?          
  4.  Do the doors without cylinder locks have a heavy bolt or some similar secure device that can be operated only from the inside?          
  5.  Can all of your doors (basement, porch, french, balcony) be securely locked?          
  6.  Are your locks all in good repair?          
  7.  Are the door strike plates and hinges installed with three-inch screws?          
  8.  Do you know everyone who has a key to your house?          
  9.  Do all out-swinging doors have the hinges pinned or have non-removable pins?          
  10.  Are entry areas unobstructed by shrubbery and other decor to permit maximum visibility?          
  11.  Do your exterior lights have a minimum 60-watt bulb?          
  12.  Do sliding doors have an auxiliary lock that locks both the door panels together or active-side to the frame?          
  13.  Is the garage door secured with a padlock, hasp, or other good auxiliary lock, and can it be locked from both sides?          
  14.  Do you lock your garage door when not in use?          
  15.  Do you lock your car and take the keys out even when it is parked in your locked garage?          


  1.  Are all windows equipped with auxiliary locks or pinned, and are the locks properly and securely mounted?          
  2.  Have you replaced or secured louvered windows?          
  3.  Do you keep your windows locked when they are shut?          
  4.  Do you use locks that allow you to lock a window that is partly open?          
  5.  Do you have garage windows covered on the first floor?          
  6.  Do you have secure locks on your garage windows?          
  7.  Are you as careful of second floor windows as you are of those on the first floor?          


  1.  Do you arrange for neighbors or friends to pick up papers, mail, or packages?          
  2.  Do you notify a neighbor that you will be gone?          
  3.  Without creating too much visibility, do you leave some shades up or curtains open so that the house does not look  deserted?          
  4.  Do you arrange to keep your lawn maintained?          
  5.  Do you have timing devices for your lamps ?