Vacation Watch / Vacant Property Registry

If you own or rent a residence in the City of Middleton and are planning to be out of town, you can provide emergency contact information to the Middleton Police Department for added peace of mind while you are gone.  The information you provide will be used in the event of an emergency at your property.  This will be extremely beneficial if there is a known increase in criminal activity in your neighborhood.

Given limited resources, officers will NOT physically check your property, and you should not have that expectation.  Your neighborhood officers will be notified of the watch on your property and the information you provide may be useful if something unusual happens in your neighborhood (severe weather impact, criminal activity, etc.).  We strongly suggest that you make arrangement with a family member, friend or trusted neighbors to check your property while you are gone.     

To have your residence added to the vacant property registry, simply complete all of the information below and click submit.