Traffic Violation / Concern Report

In an effort to increase the efficiency of dealing with on-going traffic related issues, the Middleton Police Department has launched this on-line system to report traffic violations and concerns in the City of Middleton. 

If you are reporting something that is an emergency or in progress, you should call the Middleton Police Department at (608)824-7300 or dial 911 if it's an emergency.  NOTE: Due to staff work schedules, information submitted via this form may not be reviewed for up to 72 hours. 

Information submitted via this form will be reviewed and assigned to the appropriate officer(s) for further investigation and follow up.  Traffic enforcement and safety is a important issue and the Officers of the Middleton Police Department strive to provide a safe community for residents and visitors to the City.

We appreciate the information you provide and will check into it as soon as possible.  If you want contact from an officer, please be sure to enter your phone number and/or email address. If you wish to remain anonymous, simply type ANONYMOUS in the name field and then skip down to the required violation information.  NOTE: if you are anonymous, we will be unable to follow up with you regarding the outcome of your complaint.  All information submitted will be used for law enforcement purposes only.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Police Department 24-hours a day at (608)824-7300.