The mission of the Middleton Police Department is to “make a positive difference in the quality of life in our community.” 


“We will be leaders in our community and among our peers. We will be a model for integrity, service, innovation and excellence.” 


As members of the Middleton Police Department, our personal and professional values reflect the core ideology of our organization.  These are the deeply held principles to which we are committed and which will not change over time.  These values are what our organization lives and breathes, and are reflected in all of our efforts and activities. 

  • Integrity:  We recognize the complexity of police work and exercise discretion in ways that are beyond reproach and worthy of public trust.  We are honest in words and deeds.  We demonstrate self-discipline, particularly when no one is watching or listening. 
  • Respect:  We treat everyone in our community and workplace with courtesy and dignity.  We are committed to a work environment that is safe and open.  We recognize and foster the individual talents and strengths of our fellow employees, and we celebrate their successes. 
  • Diversity:  We recognize that respecting the inherent differences in individuals is essential to creating an inclusive organization and community.
  • Trust:  We believe in the reliability, truthfulness, ability and strength of those around us, and we strive to be trustworthy in all of our words and actions. 
  • Synergy:  We work together to accomplish more as a team than we can individually. 
  • Leadership:  We seek to positively influence others to achieve goals that meet the needs of our organization and community. We accept our responsibility as leaders within the community and strive to be a model among law enforcement agencies. 
  • Professional Development and Growth:  We recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset and we are dedicated to their mental and physical well-being.  We constantly strive to provide opportunities for all of our employees to enhance their personal growth and job satisfaction.  We recognize that this is a shared responsibility, and we encourage and support the initiative of all employees to seek out and obtain individual training and education. 
  • Dependability:  We consistently and reliably provide quality service to our community, allied organizations, and fellow employees, as partners in the task of policing. 
  • Accountability:  We are each responsible for the quality of our performance, and for the reputation and morale of the department.  We are committed to conducting ourselves in accordance with our Oath of Honor. 
  • Competence:  We are prudent stewards of the public’s grant of authority and resources.  We are knowledgeable and proficient in the use of police strategies and skills, and we meet or exceed contemporary professional standards for service and performance. 
  • Courage:  We accept our moral responsibility to take action against injustice and wrong-doing.  We will exercise fortitude in the face of danger, and stand resolute against actions which compromise our values.