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Outdoor Amplified Sound Permit

  1. City of Middleton Outdoor Amplified Sound Permit

    By Ordinance, no person shall operate any sound system outdoors, cause amplified music or other sound including music from a live performance to be projected outdoors, to cause amplified sound to be projected outside of any building, or to cause amplified sound to be projected from any vehicle in the City without a permit. 

  2. Estimated Attendance*

    *If 200+ you will need a special event permit. Please contact the Special Event Coordinator at 608-831-8825 

  3. Type of Amplified Sound*
  4. Payment Method*

    Once you hit submit, you will be directed to the credit card processing page.  You may also mail a check to our office at 7426 Hubbard Avenue, Middleton, WI  53562.

    Application Fee:  $50.00

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