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Mobile Food Establishment

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  2. City of Middleton Mobile Food Establishment Application

    Pursuant to Middleton General Ordinances 7.01

  3. License Type*
  4. Have you held a previous license in Middleton?*
  5. Have you ever had a permit suspended, revoked, or denied in any municipality?*
  6. Applicant Information
  7. Are you a Wisconsin Resident?*
  8. Arrests and Convictions

    List all offenses for which you have been charged or convicted. This list is to include all felony, misdemeanor, forfeiture, and ordinance violations, including traffic citations. The omission of offenses will result in the denial of your permit. 

    Renewals: Since the filing of your last application, have you been convicted of any offenses for violation of any federal, or state laws, or any ordinances of any county or municipality? 

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  10. Business Information
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  12. Sales Locations
  13. Is this application associated with a special event permit?*
  14. Will sales be mobile?*
  15. Will sales be stationary?*
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  17. Not more than one year old

  18. Payment Method*

    Once you hit submit, you will be directed to the credit card processing page.  You may also mail a check to our office at 7426 Hubbard Avenue, Middleton, WI  53562.

  19. I have read and agree with the ordinances of the City of Middleton pertaining to the licensing and regulating of mobile food establishments in the City of Middleton. I agree to abide by these and all other ordinances in the City and the laws of the State of Wisconsin. I affirm that I have made complete and true answers to each question and understand that incomplete or false answers may result in denial or revocation of permit. I authorize a review of and full disclosure of any and all records, files, and reports, which include any police contact as well as arrests. I understand that if this license is not issued, fees that have been paid will not be refunded.
  20. I attest that the above information is true and correct and that any false or incomplete information may result in denial of my application.
  21. By typing my name below, I understand and agree that this form of electronic signature has the same legal force and effect as a manual signature.
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