All Youth Center programs are free to participants!

  • Mentoring Program: This is an optional opportunity for students who would like 1:1 support from a Youth Center staff member.
    • Each staff member is matched with students that they check-in with weekly
    • Mentor meetings focuses on goal-setting, behavior planning, academic accountability, parent engagement, trauma-informed care, and new program development
  • Homework Help: Available on school days from 4-6pm
    • Includes access to high school tutors and communication with school day teachers if needed. 
    • Homework room is an optional choice for YC students. If you would like to require your student to attend the Homework Room or the check-in on homework completion before participating in other YC activities, please contact us directly.
  • Drop-in Sports & Movement Activities: At least one active drop-in activity is offered per day from 4-5pm
    • Drop-in activities are available to all enrolled Youth Center students
  • Mini-Courses: Weekly activities that run from 4-4:45pm. 
    • Mini-courses allow for longer-term projects and skill building. 
    • Examples: Photography, swimming lessons, spoken word poetry, cooking
  • Free Choice: From 4:45-6pm on school days
    • Examples of free choice activity options: art, sports, board games, video games, computer lab, hanging out with friends, homework help