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ART WALK Middleton

Support the arts during Wisconsin’s Creative Economy Week! The Middleton Arts Committee is hosting a free, one day Art Walk featuring the works of 28 fine artists in a variety of media at 15 locations. The event will take place on Saturday, May 18 from 10am-4pm. Painting, photography, jewelry, and more for show and sale. Live demonstrations and jazz music in vibrant downtown Middleton, which features locally-owned restaurants and boutique retailers.

We are seeking volunteers to participate:
Invite your friends:

Rogers Create - chalk artists, 10a-4p
Fat Pinky Glass - glass blowing, 10a-1p
The Paradigm Forge - brightsmithing, 1p-4p

MUSIC LINE-UP 12pm-4pm
BMO Harris Stage: 

12pm - 1pm Middleton High School Jazz Students
1:30pm - 2:30pm The Book Club
3pm - 4:00pm Lulu Quintet 
Middleton Plaza Stage:
12pm - 1pm Lily Finnegan Trio
1:30pm - 2:30pm Charlie Painter Trio
3pm - 4pm John Becker, Laurie Lang, Jim Huwe Trio

Rick Ross of Summita Art Studio,
Steve Wagner of Wagnercolor
Susan Mendenhall of JazzArt
Elaine Pasinski Thomas
Jessica Curning-Kuenzi of Curning Nature Photography
Susan Lutter
Shirley J Duerst of Shirley's Art Ventures
Dana Derber of Derber Design, Inc.
Thomas Kuchenbecker of Watercolors by TAK
Rebekah Simensen of ninjagrl
Kassandra Palmer
Becky Schmidt of B.L. Schmidt LLC
Sara Meredith of Smere Tactics
Barbara Vater
Aileen Musa
Kerri Shannon of Kshanjewels
Issis Macias
Ann Kleckner of ArtGlass Delights
Lucy Kubly of Enamels by Lucy
Vicki Pierce
Michael Anderson & Colin Murray of Different By Design Today
Julie Raasch of Aistheta | Hoverfly Studio
Corinne Viner
Erin Lynn of 2nd Star Studios 
Stephanie Purl Hamen
VSA Wisconsin
Ryan Gobeli of Ryan's Artastic Art 
Jeff Martin

City Hall
Capital Brewery Co. Inc.
Middleton Public Library
Middletown Senior Center
The Regal Find
Longtable Beer Cafe
Taigu - Noodles
National Mustard Museum
Barriques Wine & Spirits
Helbachs Coffee
Journeyman Co.
Mes Amies Boutique
Middleton Area Historical Society
Middleton Station Apartments
Middleton Visitor Center

Meg McCombs Graphic Design, Community Development Authority

ART WALK Middleton working group:
Middleton Arts Committee: Annette Knapstein, Meghan McCombs, Robert Conhaim, STAFF: Rhiannon Gurley, Abby Attoun

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coming soon

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The Arts Committee recommends plans and policies to further the city's commitment to the promotion, creation, and maintenance of public art. The committee consists of nine citizen members, three of which whom will have a degree or professional background in art, architecture, or engineering, one alderperson, and one city staff.

Arts Committee Meetings

Name Term Committee Position
Address Phone Number
Rob Conhaim
2019 - 2021                       
(608) 831-9131       
Meghan Thumm Mackey
2019 - 2021
Annette Knapstein
2018 - 2020
3423 Conservancy Lane, Middleton, WI  53562
(608) 831-9493
Meghan McCombs
2019 - 2021
1912 Middleton St, Middleton, WI  53562
(608) 438-4285
Karisa Johnson
2018 - 2020
6617 Boulder Ln., Middleton, WI 53562
(608) 834-0415
Michael Freiman 2018 - 2020 Citizen 3213 Highland Ct., Middleton, WI  53562 (608) 695-0138
Michelle Phillips 2019 - 2021 Citizen 2202 Martin St., Madison, WI (319) 521-4486
Maria Wood 2019 - 2021 Citizen 7313 Friendship Ln., Middleton, WI  53562 (224) 402-0865
Katy Nelson
 Common Council Member
Rhiannan Gurley
2019 - 2020     
Arts-Based Community Development Coordinator   217-331-2027
Abby Attoun
Director of Community Development


Out of the Shell Sculpture at the Parmenter Roundabout
The Arts Committee is in the process of fundraising for the Parmenter roundabout sculpture project, "Out of the Shell" by artist Beverly Stucker-Precious. The process of selecting the "Out of the Shell" design began in 2009 when the Middleton City Council released a request for qualifications (RFQ) to regional artists. Eighteen sets of qualifications were received and the Public Arts Committee narrowed it down to four artists, from whom site-specific proposals were requested. The finalists' proposals were put on display at the Middleton Public Library for a period of two weeks and public comments were received. Overwhelmingly (54%), the commenters preferred Beverly Stucker-Precious' proposal for "Out of the Shell." If you are interested in contributing to this project, please visit:
Design 1 Design 2 Design 3
StuckerPrecious3_201402101456549006    StuckerPrecious1_201402101456535256     roundabout montage_201402101457108074

Out of the Shell Dichroic Glass Sample
Out of the Shell Artist's Statement


Call for Artists: 

Pro·Ject Middleton Activates Hubbard Avenue with Projected Art

Pro·Ject Middleton is a new art projection series presented by the City of Middleton and curated by the Middleton Arts Committee that activates an unused public space while surprising and delighting downtown visitors. Over Spring Hubbard Avenue will come alive with unique “exhibitions” displaying artistic expression from around the region.  

Venue: Art will be displayed on the 12 blank panels adorning front facade of the Middleton Senior Center, 7448 Hubbard Avenue, Middleton, WI.
Date: Displayed daily from March 29 through May 18, 2019 from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Featured Artists March 29 - April 17 are: Jenie Gao, Alex Haunty, Theresa Kim, Michael Knapstein, JJ D'Onofrio, Samantha Russo, Selia Salzsieder, Xizhou Xie, Joan Zieger

Featured Artists from ETC April 18 - May 5 are: Andrew Ricks, Annette Lamont, Ben Rodgers, Brianna Moczynski, Brooke Berg, Bryn Griffiths, Elizabeth Gilliland, Erin Ruppert, Gwen Childs, Jacky Bolton, Jamie Seidel, Jay Bailey, Kallista Fischer, Kim Pauley, Lily Chang, Liz Rathke, Lori Anderson, Lynn Jegerlehner, Mark Hayes, Marshall Ekleberry, MaryJane Weist, Mickey Henry, Shani Dorner, Tim Peterson

Featured Artists participating in Art Walk Middleton May 9 - May 18 are: Coming soon

Made possible by the Arts Committee of City of Middleton, Meg McCombs Graphic Design, Electronic Theatre Controls, Hubbard Avenue Diner and Bakery, and the Middleton Senior Center.

IMG_8178      Pro-ject_Middleton_stacked_cmyk-revised     IMG_8161

Middleton Master Plan for Public Art and Design 2009-2020

Use Map to Find the Storm Drain Murals in Middleton
The water that enters these storm drains empties into Pheasant Branch carrying any trash and pollutants it runs across with it. There are 20 storm drain murals located around Dane County to help educate residents about stormwater runoff and how to Keep it Clean! For a map of all the mural locations and to learn about simple actions you can take to protect our waters visit:

Made possible by Dane Arts Mural Arts, Ripple Effects, Land & Water Resources Department

Capture  s2Capture

Starbucks Community Art Initiative Proposal

North Parmenter will soon feature a vibrant mural depicting layers of the earth, with the theme “making the invisible visible.” The design is produced by Dane Arts Mural Arts (DAMA) with Jenie Gao and Rhea Ewing serving as lead artists. Students from Clark Street Community School have fabricated phase 1 of the mural, which was funded by the American Girl Fund for Children, Julann Jatczak and Mike Davis, Hallman Lindsay Paints and Meg Pekarske, and the Middleton Arts Committee. DAMA needs your help to get phase 2 “off the ground,” so to speak.
See students in creation phase:  🎨


Public Art Projects in Middleton

'Out of the Shell', Beverly Stucker-Precious, (proposed). Stainless steel and dichroic glass at the Parmenter roundabout.

Out of the Shell Mockup

'Community Canvases', various artists, temporary display in 2014 & 2016 at the Stairwell Gallery at the Middleton Public Library.


'Pheasant Branch Impressions I, II, III, IV', Josephine A. Geiger, 2009. Stained glass at the Middleton Police Station.


'WARNING: Signs', various artists and authors from the Middleton High School, 2012. Graphic design and haiku signage along University Avenue at Parmenter Street, Bristol Street, and Park Street.


'Self Made Man', Bobbie Carlyle. Bronze statue on Deming Way, south of Airport Road.

Self Made Man

'Quadrants', Randy Olson, 2016. Stainless steel, aluminum, and wood kinetic sculpture at Middleton Station Apartments.