Commission On Youth



Name Term Committee Position
Eric Engel 2022 - 2024 Citizen
Michelle Bond 2022-2024
Citizen, Chair
Megan Diaz-Ricks 2022 - 2025 Citizen
Spencer Lyons 2023-2024 Citizen
Joanna Rolden 2023-2024 Student
Carson Lyons 2023-2024 Student
John Schaffer  
Common Council Member
Laura Gessling
Asst. Dir. of PLRF- Recreation


The Commission on Youth is an advisory committee on youth needs in the community. The commission consists of one alderperson with a term of one year and at least six citizen members with two year terms. At least two of the six citizen members should be 18 years of age or younger whenever feasible and one of the six citizen member should be a school teacher.

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