What repairs / replacements am I responsible for?
  • The property owners are assessed the full costs of the rehabilitation and replacement of Public Sidewalk along the frontage of their property and, a 25 % credit is given for work along a side yard frontage. (1-8-1996)

  • The City will pay 100% costs for the maintenance of Inter-Block sidewalks. (7-8-2002)

  • The City will pay for 50% of the costs for the REPLACEMENT of sidewalk sections when damaged is determined to have been caused by roots from city trees. (9-5-2017)

  • Curb and gutter rehabilitation or replacements are currently the responsibility of the City.

  • The City will pay 100% of the costs associated with curb ramps, when required by ADA Guidelines. This will also include up to 15 feet of sidewalk that might need to be adjusted to make the slopes comply with standards.

  • If a driveway apron is determined to be a safety hazard to the general public, and if it is currently surfaced with concrete or asphalt, the City will assess property owners half the costs to replace driveway aprons. Any new driveway aprons will be constructed of concrete per City standards. If driveway aprons are not currently paved, the full cost of the new concrete apron will be assessed to the property owner.

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