University Ave. Reconstruction -- Update

With the favorable forecast for the next couple of days, Dane County Highways plans to pave the lower layer of asphalt on the section of University Ave. east of Parmenter St. (Phase 1) tomorrow, Thursday, June 20.

On Friday, June 21, paving is scheduled on the section of University Ave. west of Parmenter St. (Phase 2).

Placement of this asphalt pavement in Phases 1 & 2 will allow closing the Parmenter intersection as planned beginning Monday, June 24. Work in the intersection (Phase 3) is expected to take a couple of weeks. Following completion of work in the intersection, the upper layer of asphalt will be placed along the entire project, signal equipment will be installed, pavement markings will be placed, terrace landscaping will be completed and the road can be opened to traffic again.

Regional traffic should continue to follow the marked detour on the Beltline, Century Ave. and Allen Blvd. While Phase 3 work is taking place in the Parmenter St. intersection, local north-south drivers may cross University Ave. at either Middleton St. or Bristol St. Local east-west traffic may find it convenient to use parallel routes such as Elmwood Ave., Hubbard Ave. or Franklin Ave.

Shawn Stauske
City of Middleton
Dir. Public Works / City Engineer

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