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Update- University Ave. Reconstruction

Dane County Highways has made great progress on the reconstruction of University to the west of Parmenter, and that section is nearly ready for placement of new curb & gutter. Curb is planned for Monday, June 17 but rains may push that back a day. The schedule will continue to be revised as weather allows progress.

As of now, it’s intended that by Saturday, June 22 the lower layer of asphalt pavement will be placed both east and west of Parmenter. Since the portion of University west of Parmenter will be needed as a fire and EMS response route, paving University to the west of Parmenter will be a priority.

If concrete curbs and driveways have gained sufficient strength, and the lower layer of asphalt can be placed by June 22, the plan is to close the Parmenter intersection (Phase 3) beginning Monday, June 24. Work within the intersection is expected to require closure for about two weeks. After completing work within the Parmenter intersection, the full length of University will be ready for the upper layer of asphalt pavement and the application of pavement markings.

The posted detour route remains on the Beltline, Century Ave. and Allen Blvd. Side streets are available for local and business traffic.

Dane County is partnering with the City of Middleton to reconstruct University Ave. (CTH MS) from about 450' west of Park St. to Cayuga St. The project will include new curb & gutter, replacement of concrete pavement with new asphalt pavement, and limited replacement of sidewalk sections and utility improvements. Left turn lanes and new traffic signals will be constructed on University Ave. at the Parmenter St. intersection.
Construction work will generally take place between 6:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday, excluding Holidays. Some work on utilities, concrete curb, driveways and asphalt paving may be scheduled on Fridays or Saturdays.
• Construction Phase Map (w/preliminary schedule)
• Construction Plans (partial set, 7.5Mb) (full set, 39 Mb)
• Metro Bus Route 71 Detour

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