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Committee of the Whole and Plan Commission Annual Retreat
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The City Council’s Committee of the Whole and Plan Commission met publicly in their annual retreat on Saturday, February 2, 2019.

At the meeting Assistant City Administrator/Finance Director Bill Burns provided an update on the City Tax Increment Districts; Jeff Maloney of Vandewalle & Associates provided a historical view of the City’s TIF planning and developments since the 1970s; City Planning Director Eileen Kelley provided an overview of the City’s future land use areas; Director of Community Development Abby Attoun provided information concerning the City’s upcoming Community Campus Plan process for Downtown public facilities and mixed-use development; and City Administrator Mike Davis discussed the history of the City’s storm water maintenance financing. A video presentation of this meeting can be found on the City’s YouTube channel

Supporting documents from the meeting can be found below.
?Agenda Documents
?Future Land Use Presentation
?TIF History Planning Presentation

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