Middleton Named Wisconsin Active Together Community
January 15, 2019

MIDDLETON, WI – In an inspiring way to begin 2019, Middleton has been recognized as a Wisconsin Active Together Community for our efforts to promote active lifestyles and our ongoing commitment to creating a community where everyone can be active.

Given that where we live impacts our wellness, the Wisconsin Active Together Communities, now reaching 1.4 million Wisconsinites across the state, know that even small changes in the landscape and in promoting being active can add up to create lasting changes for everyone’s benefit, impacting both health and the economy.

The City of Middleton was recognized based on the strength of its trail system, which spans 28 miles throughout the city. The extensive trail network increases active transportation options and fosters economic development by connecting residents to their workplaces, schools, parks and the conservancy while and economic development. For more information on why Middleton received this designation, please visit: wiactivetogether.org/middleton


Wisconsin Active Together is an effort to recognize and support communities for their commitment to health through growing and promoting places to walk, bike and be active.

As sponsors, we aim to foster local-level implementation and promote a framework moving communities from program to policy change. This includes promoting being active and changing the built environment and advancing policies to ensure it is easy and safe to be physically active in our communities.

Further, we know that people enjoy living in places that promote walkability and active transportation, that these measures help local economies to thrive, and that being active improves health outcomes while decreasing health care costs and lost productivity.

In short, Communities can produce broad, lasting, improved health outcomes by making healthier choices available to and practical for their residents through environmental change and promotion. The availability of healthier choices can affect the behaviors and practices of many people simultaneously. As a result, positive environmental changes can reduce the burden of chronic diseases and other health problems

The statewide partners who have co-developed and/or support the Wisconsin Active Together campaign are numerous. Brought together through the healthTIDE network and its Active Communities Team, they launched the effort in order to support local communities for their commitment to health through growing and promoting their places to walk, bike and be active while also sponsoring coaching, peer networking, and in person and virtual trainings, among other resources.

The partners include healthTIDE, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, the Wisconsin Active Communities Alliance (WACA), the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and Main Street Communities, the YMCA, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative, the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation, and the American Planning Association Wisconsin Chapter. For a complete list, visit wiactivetogether.org/.

Funding that supports the healthTIDE network to convene these numerous and diverse partners and to support the development of Wisconsin Active Together is funded by a grant from the Wisconsin Partnership Program/School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison as part of the Wisconsin Obesity Prevention Initiative.

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