Youth Center 2018

Middleton Youth Center

After School 2018-2019

Open Every School Day 3:45-6pm

(608) 225-2451




To be placed on the waitlist:

  • New Families: Complete a 2018 Enrollment Packet (available for download below and at the Youth Center)
  • Returning Families: Contact the Youth Center to see if your child's Enrollment Packet is up-to-date and request to be placed on the waitlist.
  • As spaces become available, families will be contacted in the order that their enrollment packet is received


Mini-courses run once per week for one month. Signing up for a mini-course means that students commit to attending all dates. 
  • MONDAYS (9/10, 9/17, 9/24)                                        4:15-5:15pm
    • BAKING  l  Norah and Liel                                Limit: 10 students
    • Students will learn measuring, decorating, and other essential baking skills, while collaborating with peers in small groups. Projects will include: cookie decorating, Rice Krispy sushi roll-ups, and monkey cupcakes.
    • Students Enrolled: Nevaeh N, Savannah L, Sam K, Emmy M, Flynn M, Claire Y, Tina P, Jaidan R, Alice Y, Mia N
  • TUESDAYS (9/11, 9/18, 9/25)                                        4:15-5:15pm
    • CAPTURE THE FLAG & VARIATIONS   l  Haley and Liel  Limit: 20           
    • Students will put their cardio and teamwork skills to the test by playing a different variation of Capture the Flag (Capture the Egg, Capture the Football, Capture the Flag Freeze Tag) each of the three weeks.
    • Students Enrolled: Danielle B, Elizabeth M, Hannah W, Jessica S, Jasmine S, Jahnn F, Harper F, Kayden Y, Thomas S, Ariana S, Nevaeh T, Magnus G, Ethan K, Ely H, Alex S, Ryan P  
  • WEDNESDAYS (9/12, 9/19, 9/26)                                 4:15-5:15pm
    • PHOTOGRAPHY  l  Akshita                              Limit: 8 students   
    • Students will learn basic photography skills such as perspective and the rule-of-thirds and will practice taking photos with simple digital cameras. The last week of the mini-course, they will choose their favorite photo to print.
    • Students Enrolled: Emily C, Ben M, Elizabeth M, Hannah W, Stephen H, Rosa M, Ariana S, Magnus G
  • THURSDAYS (9/13, 9/20, 9/27)                                     4:15-5:15pm
    • SOCCER  l  John                                                Limit: 16 students       
    • Students will learn the basic rules of soccer as well as beginner skills like passing, trapping the ball, and shooting. Each session we will practice our skills, go over rules, and end with a scrimmage. No prior knowledge of soccer is necessary. Kids who are already skilled soccer players are also encouraged to sign up and can help John train their peers.
    • Students Enrolled: Nevaeh T, Angie W, Hannah W, Jessica S, Jasmine S, Harper F, Magnus G, Alex S, Ryan P
    • 7 SPOTS LEFT!
  • FRIDAYS (9/14, 9/21, 9/28)                                             4:15-5:15pm
    • JUSTICE TALKING  l  Haley                                Limit: 10 students     
    • This is a social justice discussion and activism course. Students will tackle ideas of justice, privilege, activism in action, and how they fit into social justice narratives. Students will also generate projects and ideas for future Justice Talking Mini-Courses.
    • Students Enrolled: Nevaeh N, Savannah L, Hannah W, Jasmine S, Ariana S, Jose R, Ethan K, Jamila A, Joanna R, Alex M


This fall the Youth Center is debuting an updated program model! The goal of the new model is to continue to offer high-quality programming, accountability, restorative behavior management, and meaningful relationships between students as staff, even as the Youth Center continues to grow.

More information about the new model can be found in the documents below:


  • A completed enrollment packet is required for all students. The 2018 enrollment packet covers the 2018-2019 school year. Waivers and advanced sign-up will be required for certain field trips and will be sent out in advance.


  • Mentoring Program: Focused on students who attend the Youth Center 3 days/week or more

    • Each staff member is matched with 10-15 students that they check-in with weekly
    • Mentor meetings will focus on goal-setting, behavior planning, academic accountability, parent engagement, trauma-informed care, and new program development
  • Homework Help: Available on school days from 3:45-6pm
    • Includes access to high school tutors and communication with school day teachers if needed. 
    • Separate rooms are designated for quiet studying, group study, and tutoring support. 
    • Homework room is an optional choice for YC students. If you would like to require your student to attend the Homework Room or the check-in on homework completion before participating in other YC activities, please contact us.
  • Drop-in Enrichment Activities: At least one drop-in activity is offered per day from 4:15-5:15pm
    • Drop-in activities are available to all enrolled Youth Center students
  • Mini-Courses: Month-long activities that run 1x/week from 4:15-5:15pm. 
    • Mini-courses allow for longer-term projects and skill building. 
  • Free Choice: From 5:15-6pm on school days
    • Examples of free choice activity options: art, sports, playing at Fireman's Park, board games, xbox, wii, computer lab, listening to music, hanging out with friends, homework help, etc.
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