Penni had concern about people thinking she said she lost her home, and she didn’t. She has hired ServePro which has been power washing everything in the basement & applying chemicals to hopefully prevent mold. She did lose everything in her basement but her first and 2nd level appear OK at this point. She still has no furnace, air conditioner, water softener, water heater, storage tank, etc. and lost all the furniture (everything) in her lower level due to the toxic sewage water. It will be some time before she can return home. She did finally get running water so they can get water to the horses. She thinks she may possibly have damage to her foundation as well.

The GoFundMe contributors have been absolutely awesome and so generous, and we thank you immensely for all your help.

If you are able to help, please see:

On a very similar note, the Sellecks (Jesse & Jennifer), Middleton police officer and paramedic, have also encountered major hardship. They too have a GoFundMe page set up. See:

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