Through city residents’ calls to United Way’s 2-1-1, the City of Middleton has received reports of over $3 million in damages to residential properties from recent flooding. If you have damage and haven’t reported it, please call 2-1-1 as soon as possible.

In order to help facilitate the review process for the Federal Emergency Management Administration’s (FEMA) potential assistance, the City is scheduling its building inspectors to verify damage to those residences as well as estimates for repair of their properties. Those residents can expect a door hanger or a call from the City’s 821-8370 phone number to schedule an appointment. Residents who schedule an appointment should ask the inspector to verify his identity before allowing the inspector into a home.

The City’s intent is not to guarantee assistance but to help facilitate the process for residents’ potential benefit from FEMA. For those undertaking construction repair work, City building permits are required.

Mike Davis
City Administrator

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