Special curbside collection of flood damaged items

With reports of numerous homes having had some flood damage from last week’s rain, the City of Middleton has coordinated with Pellitteri Waste Systems to make a special curbside collection of flood damaged items from the City’s existing refuse collection routes. The City will cover these costs pursuant to the Middleton Common Council’s appropriation of contingency funds for the recent flood emergency.

For special curbside collection of flood damaged items:
1. As soon as possible, but no later than Friday, Sept. 7, please contact Public Works Assistant Nikki Wollner by calling (821-8370) or by e-mailing (nwollner@cityofmiddleton.us) to get on a list for collection of flood damaged items. If leaving a message, please be sure to include your name, address, return contact information (phone or e-mail), and a list of items to be collected.
2. As soon as possible, but no later than Sunday, Sept. 9, set flood damaged items curbside for collection, subject to the following rules. Pellitteri will perform manual curbside collection beginning Thursday, Sept. 6, with the intention of completing collections by Friday, Sept. 14. This collection will not be specially scheduled by address.
3. When placing items curbside, please set them in an organized manner that will make items safe to pick up. Please do not stack or pile items in a heap, or place items next to fire hydrants, trees, poles, signs or mailboxes.
4. Carpeting should be cut into strips no wider than 4’ and rolled into tied bundles no heavier than 50 pounds. Everything set curbside will need to be manually picked up and loaded onto a truck, and workers will be lifting items all day long, so preventing worker injuries is essential to providing citywide service. Materials that cannot safely be lifted are subject to being left at the discretion of the workers.
5. Bedding pieces (mattress and box spring) must be encased in a plastic bag. This measure both protects workers from spreading a potential bed bug infestation and also helps prevent those items from absorbing rain water and becoming unmanageably heavy. Upholstered furniture should also be covered with a sheet of plastic or tarp if possible, to reduce the water weight.
Plastic and vinyl mattress storage bags can be purchased at most places that sell moving equipment (hardware stores, U-Haul, Two Men & a Truck, etc.) and places that sell bed linens (Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc). It’s suggested that you call first to be sure your preferred store has some bags in stock.
6. Pellitteri will not pick up anything banned from the landfill, including appliances, electronics, waste oil, paints, fertilizers, batteries, tires, or vegetation. There are alternatives available for disposal or recycling of those materials in the Trash & Recycling Guide on the City’s recycling web page. Some of these items can also be separately picked up by Pellitteri Waste Systems (257-4285) for a fee.

Thanks for your patience, cooperation, and help to neighbors as we continue to recover from the flooding.

Mike Davis
City Administrator

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