As part of the Conservancy Lands 5 year plan update, we are gathering info from users through an on-line survey. The link is below:

Please take the survey! This survey is being conducted through Polco, who also conducted the City Citizen Satisfaction Survey last year. As with that survey, the Conservancy Lands survey will ask at the end for creation of a Polco account. The reasoning for this, straight from Nick Mastronardi (CEO of Polco) follows:

“The reasoning behind registering a Polco account for the survey is to help municipal officials and survey administrators have more trust in the results (that they weren't unduly influenced by folks out of state or folks in the area who "stuffed the ballot") and therefore be more usable. Unlike many other tech companies (SurveyMonkey, Facebook, etc.), Polco's privacy policy commits to never share your individual data or individual responses with the city or any third party. We've made that commitment because we want to foster better (easier and more citable) civic communications and so want people to feel safe. Without it, unfortunately, municipalities are left with less trustworthy results or extremely expensive alternatives. I hope this helps alleviate the concern. Thanks again for your note.”

Middleton residents who do not wish to take the online Polco survey have a few options for getting involved:
1 - we are working on getting a printed copy of the survey available at the City Library and Senior Center. No account required.
2 - we are welcome to receiving written comments during the month of January. (comments can be emailed to
3 - we are hosting a public input meeting on January 20 at the Middleton Library (2-4pm).

Mark Wegner, MS
Assistant Director – Forestry & Conservancy Lands
ISA Certified Arborist/Municipal Specialist
(608) 821-8345

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