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NEWS RELEASE, June 26, 2017

On Friday June 30th, at noon, the Middleton UNITY Art Project will hold a brief closing ceremony, led by Mayor Gurdip Brar.

This temporary art installation, located next to Middleton City Hall at 7426 Hubbard Avenue, has been a month-long expression of inclusion and connectivity. UNITY consists of 32 posts, each with identifiers such as, “I care for a loved one who has dementia,” “I have experienced homelessness,” “I speak more than one language,” and “I identify as LGBTQ.” Participants tie colorful yarn to posts that reflect their identities. Each participant’s yarn intertwines with others’ to create a web of interconnectedness. In the end the community sees that all members are connected by something, and it’s diversity that builds a strong and vibrant community.

Over the course of the last two weeks 502 people have participated in UNITY and 26 volunteers have contributed 58 hours of their time! The response has been overwhelmingly positive and people keep asking, "What's next?" The closing ceremony will be a time to reflect on the identifiers, share thoughts, and cut the first yarn.

To keep the engagement moving forward Middleton Public Library would like to 'check out' the UNITY supplies and tools to other communities, libraries, schools, organizations, etc. that would like to create the project. All yarn from this project will be recycled. Please contact Middleton Public Library Director, Jocelyne Sansing for further details.

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