Update on Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor Work in Middleton

The City’s anticipated funding for reconfiguration of the creek corridor and replacement of bridges at higher elevations is awaiting the evaluation of an environmental assessment (EA) over the next 6-10 months by FEMA. Once the City has the results of the EA, the City will be able to determine FEMA eligibility for reimbursement of expenses anticipated for the prospective project. Then, coupling FEMA eligibility with grants from the state DNR ($565,088) and county ($900,000) and the City’s own storm water utility, the City will be able to move the project forward, hopefully by fall of 2022.

The following link provides great historical context and data from Warren Gebert, retired from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the longtime Chair of the City's Water Resources Management Commission. In the article, Gebert discusses the tremendous challenge of climate change in addressing storm water management and how, despite those changes, the City has managed to reduce phosphorus and sediment loads while providing storm water controls without which the historic flood event of 2018 would have been much worse.

See: https://www.stormh2o.com/bmps/article/21242526/middletons-stormwater-management-program

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