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May 04, 2021 - 7:30 PM
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Call to Order Regular Council Meeting
Roll Call
Public Comments (Limited to 3 minutes per speaker)
Approval of Consent Agenda
1.) Common Council Minutes of April 20, 2021
2.) Audit of the Bills to be Paid as Approved by the Finance Committee
1.) Honoring National Travel and Tourism Week
1.) 2021-25 Celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month in Middleton (Council Members Nelson & Kuhn)
2.) 2021-24 Middleton Youth Center FY 2022-23 Vision Council Investment Grant Application (Staff)
Old Business
1.) Summary Evaluation Concerning the School Resource Officer Program from the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District (CC 7/21/2020) During the summer of 2020, the Council originally rejected, then later reconsidered rejection of the SRO agreement with the School District pending the District's review of the program. The District has now completed its evaluation of the program, and Superintendent Monogue anticipates a presentation of 15-20 minutes, plus time for your questions. The report is included in your packet, and an agenda item for a modified agreement follows as an action item on the agenda.
1.) School Resource Officer Agreement with the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District for 2021-2022 (CC 07/21/2020; FC 5/4/21) In the District's summary recommendations, the report’s authors recommend continuation of the SRO at the high school in civilian clothes—just as it had been for many years prior to a more recent change requested by school officials. For the middle schools—Kromrey and Glacier Creek—the recommendation is to have an SRO who is not stationed at either school. Rather, the recommendations call for a programmatic presence at all elementary and middle schools, but no officer permanently stationed at any of those. The recommendations also suggest student and staff participation in evaluating the SROs as well as calling for ongoing training of the SROs in school equity training. Ongoing research is also called upon, and the District is planning an evaluation of mental health services throughout the District as well.
The Middleton Police Department has been a pioneer in progressive policing using body and squad cameras and intensive training on de-escalation and implicit bias. Department policies have focused on not piling on for charges involving traffic stops. Over the past several years, the department has also diversified with more women and Latinx and an African-American officer hired. The Police Department is doing everything the right way with great sensitivity to people of color, and we are fortunate to have good people serving as officers in Middleton. I (Mike Davis) was very proud alongside several of our police officers and many of you to march in the United We Stand initiative last summer supporting justice for all people of color. I recommend your approval of the modified agreement proposed by the School District.
2.) Strategic Planning Agreement with Vandewalle & Associates Consulting Team (CC 02/16/2021, 3/16/2021; FC 5/4/21) On February 16, 2021, the Common Council from a competitive process chose Vandewalle & Associates consulting team over two other consultants to conduct the City's Strategic Planning process. On March 16, the Council approved a scope of work with the Vandewalle team for development of an agreement with the City Attorney's review and approval. That agreement with the attorney's review is before you now.

Agreement with Vierbicher for Design Engineering Services for Middleton Beach Rd. Reconstruction (21-112) (PWC 4/26/21; FC 5/4/21) Staff solicited proposals from three engineering firms for design and bid services for reconstruction of Middleton Beach Rd. and Maywood Ave. east of Allen Blvd. The Public Works Committee recommended to the Finance Committee and Common Council to enter into an agreement with Vierbicher for design and bidding engineering services for this project, at a cost not to exceed $49,000. See enclosed agreement based on Vierbicher's proposal.
4.) Assignment of Hangar Land Lease Agreement, Lot 3, from Peter Luebke to Wingsport Base, LLC. (Staff)
Award of Bid, Quote, Professional Service
1.) Award of Bid for the Solar Municipal Buildings Project (Sustainability 4/28/21; FC 5/4/21) The Sustainability Committee recommends award of a construction contract to the low bidder Eagle Point Solar, LLC in the amount of $226,309.21. The project is funded by the 2021 capital budget allocation of $286,797.61. Along with Focus on Energy prescriptive rebate money, this project will be fully funded below remaining budget.
Ordinances - Second Reading
1.) An Ordinance to Change the Name of the Department of Public Lands (PRFC 2/1/21; CLC 2/24/21; COY 3/1/21; PRFC 3/15/21; L&O 04/13/21; CC 4/20/21) Background: The recently completed Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (2020-2025) recommended changing the name of the Department from Middleton Public Lands, Recreation & Forestry to Middleton Parks and Recreation.
The survey completed as part of the plan was filled out by 489 people of which 90% supported this name change. The Conservancy Lands Committee and Commission on Youth have supported the naming change to Middleton Parks & Recreation unanimously at recent meetings. The attached Ordinance with the proposed changes has been referred by PRFC to L&O. Pending eventual Common Council approval, we will gradually begin changing the name and our creative team is working on an official launch that coincides with summer 2021.
Recommendations, Proposals
1.) Request for Proposals for a Workforce Housing Development to Incentivize 50 Units of Affordable Rental Housing Using the Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery Funds (WHC 4/19/21) Our grant specialist has indicated that the CDBG-DR funds could be split between more than one project. As an example, the City is incentivizing construction of 50 units, and that could be done within one project that has 15 affordable units and one project that has 35 affordable units.
Posted: Friday, April 30, 2021, at 8:45 a.m.
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