Thanks to all who voted for Middleton in the Strongest Town competition. Unfortunately, we didn't make the Final 4, but congratulations are due to Lockport, Illinois, who was our competitor and received 61% of the votes.

The voting is weighed 50% by all of you and 50% by members of the Strong Towns organization, so I'm very impressed we made it as far as we did with your help.

Following is the nice message we received from Strong Towns:

"Voting for Round 2 of the Strongest Town contest just wrapped up, and I wanted to let you know the results right away.
Once again, thousands of votes were cast. Here is where things landed:

Bentonville, AR: 52%
Kenmore, WA: 48%

Oxford, MS: 53%
Yellow Springs, OH: 47%

Lockport, IL: 61%
Middleton, WI: 39%

Bismarck, ND: 57%
Northfield, VT: 43%

This was a tough round because, as I've talked with other Strong Towns staff, we agreed that we'd be happy if any one of your eight communities was eventually named this year's Strongest Town winner. There's so much going on in your towns that we love. Thank you all for the time and effort you put into competing in this year's contest. More importantly, thank you for the hard and diligent work you're all doing to make your communities stronger and more resilient, especially in these challenging times.
We really are grateful for all of you.

If your town was one of this week's winners, Rachel or I will be following up with another email about tomorrow's podcast recording.”

John Pattison
Content Manager
Strong Towns
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