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To City of Middleton Residents:

Even though the flu season traditionally starts in October, many residents haven’t yet received their flu shots. If you haven’t yet received your flu shot, the City of Middleton urges everyone age six months and older, and especially older adults, to get a flu shot as soon as possible this year. Compared to younger people, the consequences of older adults getting the flu range from more severe to deadly. Older adults have much higher rates of chronic conditions, like diabetes, heart conditions and arthritis, which add to flu complications. During last flu season, adults age 65 and older were only 17.5% of Wisconsin’s population, but accounted for 42% of flu-related hospitalizations and a whopping 84% of flu-related deaths.

In recent years older adults have had much higher rates of flu shots than younger adults. However, given COVID, this year has been more challenging. There have been fewer drop-in flu clinics, fewer volunteer drivers to transport people to get their shot, greater fear of leaving home and catching COVID and the growing misinformation campaigns.

This year, it’s important to get the flu shot so as not to confuse flu symptoms with Covid-19 symptoms and to avoid getting both. Two scientific studies of over 20,000 people show that the flu plus Covid-19 doubles the death rate. At this incredibly difficult time for Wisconsin, it is important that hospital beds be reserved only for those most in need, which tragically, is Covid-19 patients.
So, let’s all be good citizens and Mask Up, Wash Up and Roll Up our Sleeves to get a flu shot. If you need information about where flu shots are available in our community, please call the Middleton Senior Center at (608) 662-3895 and they will be happy to direct you.

Gurdip Brar, Mayor Mike Davis, City Administrator

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