Middleton Ordinance 8.07 requires that property owners remove snow and ice from the full width of sidewalks (including handicap ramps to crosswalks) and from around fire hydrants (down to at least 4” below the lowest hydrant cap) along their property. It is unlawful to plow, shovel or throw snow into the street.
Snow and ice need to be removed within 24 hours following the end of accumulation – whether following initial plowing, or subsequent clean-up plowing. If ice cannot be removed immediately, it should be treated with salt or sand until the ice can be removed.
Remember also to keep your mailbox area clear for the postal service, and clear a space for your trash and recycling carts. Carts should not be set in the street since they’re potentially hazardous to motorists, and the carts are subject to damage from vehicles or plows. Carts are the property of Pellitteri Waste Systems, and customers are responsible for them.

Thank you!

Mike Davis, City Administrator

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