First phase of North Mendota Trail construction gets under way

The City of Middleton is taking a big step forward this month to develop the North Mendota Trail (NMT) along the north side of Century Avenue. Construction of the first segment of the 10 ft. wide shared use path—between the Branch Street and Allen Boulevard intersections—is underway and should be completed by early November.

The purpose of the NMT is to provide a safer, more direct route for pedestrians and bicyclists to travel year-round between northeastern neighborhoods and the rest of the community. Eventually, the City’s segment is planned to connect with the path being developed by Dane County along Highway M around the north side of Lake Mendota.

Although most of the City's path is planned to replace existing sidewalk, a portion of the first segment (known as Phase A) will extend along the southern edge of the Pheasant Branch Conservancy, behind the residences located west of the Goodwill store.

Key details of Phase A are as follows:
• Pheasant Branch Conservancy access at Branch Street will remain open throughout the project.
• There will be periodic but infrequent mid-day closures of the westbound lanes of Century Ave.
• Westbound bus stop near CVS will be temporarily shifted to the west.
• Numerous trees will be removed where the path transitions between the sidewalk and the conservancy, directly west of Goodwill. This work will take place the week of October 12. The reason for the tree removal is because a significant amount of fill (soil) will be brought in to smooth out the relatively steep drop-off that currently exists in this area.
• An 800 ft. segment of the path along the edge of the conservancy will remain unpaved for at least a couple years to allow for settling. (This area has very poor soil conditions.) The City intends to eventually pave this segment so that there is one continuous, all-season route connecting the trailhead at Branch Street with the eastern city limits.
• Erosion control practices have been put in place, and many utility relocations have already occurred.
• Future path maintenance--both snow removal and pavement repair--will be undertaken by the City.
• The City has contracted with T2 Contracting, LLC (Tomah) to construct this phase for $232,903.

City officials anticipate two future phases to complete the portion of the path east of Allen Blvd. The timing of these phases is influenced by budget considerations and, importantly, coordination with adjoining property owners.

For more information, please contact project manager Mark Opitz at or via (608) 821-8394.

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