Last week, the City of Middleton placed about 8,000 ballots in the mail from those who had applied for absentee ballots. We anticipate receiving close to 10,000 absentee ballot requests (out of 15,000 registered voters) prior to the election on November 3. We further expect that another 3,000 Middleton voters will split between voting early Monday through Friday between October 19-30 from 1pm to 4pm and voting in person at our 4 voting locations on election day. City Clerk Lorie Burns indicates that we are all set for election workers and volunteers for the November election. For more information on the City of Middleton election, please see these links: and To track your returned absentee ballot, please see:

We truly appreciate the overwhelming number of people who will work the election and who offered to volunteer as well. It is great to see such support from the community. We know the City of Madison is still looking for election workers. They can be reached at Thank you so much!

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