The State of Wisconsin has extended its deadline to 11:59 p.m. this Friday, June 26, for local small businesses to apply for a $2,500 emergency support grant. We have been asked to help spread the word so that no business, no matter where or how tiny, misses an opportunity for this help. Businesses will need help from a local official, and I (Mike Davis, City Administrator) will be that contact for businesses physically located in the City of Middleton. One of the qualifications is a letter from a local official testifying that this business was in fact in operation in February, 2020. Just send your information to me so that I can provide you with the final letter for your application. All I need to know to provide that letter is the business’ legal name and City of Middleton address as well as that the business was in operation in February, 2020. For more information see: on how you can apply for this grant.

Also, another business grant opportunity through Dane County can be found here:

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