City of Middleton Residents,

This morning I was delighted to see this suggestion from a new resident to the City of Middleton, and I propose that we put this in action for the next several weeks during this pandemic:

Week One: Sidewalk Chalk; week of April 6
Write positive messages and get creative with sidewalk chalk on sidewalks and driveways.

Week Two: Paint Windows/ Hang Banners; week of April 13
Paint windows or hang banners with brightly colored positive messages/fun scenes for selfies.

Week Three: Kindness Rocks; week of April 20
Paint brightly colored positive messages on rocks and place throughout the neighborhood for others to see.

Week Four: Neighborhood Light Display; week of April 27
Decorate your front house with your brightly colored holiday lights! Families and neighbors can walk the neighborhood during the evening and explore the beautiful lights.

Let's show that Good Neighbor spirit!

Mike Davis
City Administrator

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