City of Middleton to Receive $1,000,000 in Transportation Aids from State for Parmenter Street Reconstruction

CITY OF MIDDLETON – (March 4, 2020) – The City of Middleton will receive $1,000,000 in transportation infrastructure funding for the reconstruction of Parmenter Street (the former Highway 12), north of Century Avenue. This is a vital infrastructure project for the City that will connect major employers along Parmenter Street to broader labor markets, improve access to services like Middleton Outreach Ministry, and ensure safe mobility for all modes of travel. Total project costs are estimated to be $5,200,000.

The reconstruction will be designed in 2021, and reconstruction is scheduled in 2022. The new roadway will include curb & gutter, lighting, sidewalks, bike lanes, a tree-lined grassy median, and an off-street bike/pedestrian path.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) released the list of grantees earlier today for the one-time Multimodal Local Supplement (MLS) Program funded in the State’s 2019-21 Budget. In what was a very competitive process, the City of Middleton was one of 33 infrastructure projects that were funded of the 461 total eligible applications filed by cities and villages. Grantees were chosen by an ad hoc review committee made up of city and village officials appointed by the WisDOT. Among other criteria, the committee looked at the economic impact of the projects. Applications from Wisconsin’s Counties and Towns were reviewed separately by their own peer review groups.

According to WisDOT, a total of 1,596 eligible grant applications were submitted by Wisconsin’s cities, villages, towns, counties, and tribal governments. The funding allocation included $18.4 million for cities and villages, $26 million for counties, and $28.9 million for towns. The transportation infrastructure needs detailed in the applications totaled $1.47 billion. Demand has exceeded available funding by more than 1,800 percent.

City staff had also submitted an application for the North Mendota Trail project, which is a 10 foot wide, shared-use path that will run along the north side of Century Avenue, linking Branch Street and the Pheasant Branch Trail with Middleton’s northeastern neighborhoods and the paved path that Dane County is planning to complete around the north side of Lake Mendota. This project was not selected for funding.

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