On Tuesday, February 4, the Common Council endorsed a multi-committee meeting of the following Committees or Commissions to hear a presentation from the City’s consultant Cardno concerning the attached draft plan for the Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor: Planning; Public Works; Water Resources Management; Conservancy Lands; Storm Water Utility; Sustainability & Pedestrian/Bike/Transit. City staff, with the Council’s endorsement, has established the date of Wednesday, February 26, starting at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. Those not on the subject committees are still welcome to attend this public meeting. We hope to address questions so that each committee’s subsequent and independent deliberations and recommendations will be well informed. Ideally, each committee’s deliberations and recommendations will be brought forward to the Council by mid-April.

We are hopeful that by having one meeting for the consultant to present the draft plan, it will provide the best and most efficient use of the consultant’s time and the city’s cost for that time. The attached draft link is the most recent, so if you have a previous draft, this one supersedes the previous one.

The PBC Creek Corridor is tremendously important to the City for storm water and environmental resources management, as well as recreation for the residents of Middleton. We appreciate the community's commitment to engaging in this critically important project for the community. Thanks also to the Friends of Pheasant Branch for their assistance in funding this study. Following is the link to the draft study:


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