Airport Master Plan

Latest Updates  (9/16/19)

Airport User Survey #2:  The City's airport planning consultant, Mead & Hunt, is recommending that the conclusions of User Survey #2 not be incorporated into the draft airport master plan. City project staff and the chairperson of the Airport Master Plan Advisory Committee agree with this conclusion. For more information, see Mead & Hunt's Memorandum on Airport User Surveys and the City's statement regarding airport surveys.

Project Timeline Extended: The master plan project will extend several months into 2020. Mead & Hunt is in the process of addressing comments provided by the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the draft Aviation Forecasts chapter of the master plan. After they have received FAA’s concurrence and revised the chapter accordingly, the firm will edit the draft Facility Requirements chapter as necessary before proceeding with drafting the Alternatives Analysis chapter. Once a draft plan is available, the City of Middleton will collaborate with the Towns of Middleton and Springfield to prepare a community survey, which is currently anticipated to be undertaken in early 2020.

Resolution 2019-31: On August 6, the Middleton Common Council voted unanimously to approve Resolution 2019-31, which establishes parameters for drafting the airport master plan.

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Master Plan documents

Resources related to airport master plans

Previous City actions related to airport planning

  • Resolution 1998-20: Intent for Morey Airport Property. This resolution expressed the City's position when it deliberated purchasing the airport from the Morey family.
  • Referendum Regarding Airport Expansion. On April 6, 1999, City of Middleton residents defeated a charter ordinance that would have prohibited expansion of the airport. The phrasing of the question was provided by the organizers of the referendum--not by the CityThe vote was 1,281 in favor of prohibition, with 2,326 in opposition. This outcome enabled the City to proceed with making improvements to the airport it had just purchased.
  • Resolution 2014-65: Petitioning the Wisconsin Secretary of Transportation for Airport Improvement Aid. This is the most recent "petition" adopted by the City so that it is eligible for potential Federal and/or State funding assistance. The Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics requires the City to adopt such a petition from time to time to maintain a list of eligible projects. Adoption of the petition does not obligate the City to proceed with any of the listed projects nor commit the State or FAA to fund those items.

Airport Master Plan Advisory Committee (AMPAC)

The Airport Master Plan Advisory Committee is an advisory body to the Airport Commission and Middleton Common Council that was formed in early 2019 to oversee development of an updated master plan for the airport. 

AMPAC (and related airport) Meetings:  

Other City meeting agendas and minutes are available here. To access past meetings, select "Meetings" in the red band at the top (directly under the city logo), under Meeting Type select desired committee, and then select a Date Range.

AMPAC Membership and Project Staff

The advisory committee is staffed by City Planner Mark Opitz and Greg Stern, Mead & Hunt, a Middleton-based engineering consulting firm that was hired to prepare the plan. Appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the Common Council, the committee consists of the following 11 members (along with pertinent affiliations):  

  • Robert Bartholomew, City of Middleton resident who lives beneath a runway approach
  • Dan Dresen, Town of Springfield resident and Town Board member
  • Ray Fey, Airport Commission representative, pilot based at C29, City of Middleton resident
  • Mike Frank, Middleton Chamber of Commerce representative, City of Middleton resident
  • Jade Hofeldt, Capital Flight (business based at C29), Town of Vienna resident
  • Leif Hubbard, Plan Commission member, City of Middleton resident
  • Julie Loeffler, Town of Springfield resident
  • Richard Morey, Airport manager and owner of Morey Airplane Company (business based at C29), Waunakee resident
  • Kevin Munson, Pilot (not based at C29), City of Middleton resident
  • Deana Porter, representative of Middleton Area Development Corporation (owner of the terminal building), City of Madison resident
  • Cynthia Richson, Town of Middleton resident and Town Board Chairperson
  • Mark Warshauer, representative of Friends of Pheasant Branch Conservancy, pilot based at C29, City of Middleton resident

Questions or comments can be addressed to Assistant Planning Director Mark Opitz 608.821.8394    7426 Hubbard Ave., Middleton, WI  53562 

or posted online via this link.