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Welcome to the City of Middleton’s airport webpage! 

Middleton Municipal Airport-Morey Field is a modern, general aviation facility providing western Dane County and western Madison with a convenient alternative to the Dane County Regional Airport. Also known by the “C29” airport identifier, the 252-acre facility was purchased by the city in 1998 to maintain the airport as a vital part of the region’s transportation infrastructure, provide a buffer between the Airport Road Business Park and prime farmland, and enhance stormwater management in the vicinity of the North Fork of the Pheasant Branch Creek. The city contracts with Morey Airplane Company to operate the airport. 

As of 2019, the airport accommodates around 40,000 operations per year, and approximately 100 aircraft are based at the field. All hangar lots have been developed. In April 2022, the City approved an airport master plan and airport layout plan that identifies the potential for developing more hangar lots on the northeast end of the airport. If you're interested in building a hangar at C29, please contact the airport manager at 608.836.1711.

City officials expect the airport to embody the City's moniker as the "Good Neighbor City." To that end, the airport has established Noise Abatement Procedures with a Map and developed a Pilot Handbook to encourage pilots to reduce aircraft noise over certain residential areas. Complaints may be filed by calling (608) 836-6473 (same as (608) 83-NOISE) or using the online complaint form at right.

Thank you for your interest in Middleton’s own gateway to the skies!

Latest News  (01/13/23)

The City of Middleton is considering petitioning the State of Wisconsin, Department of Transportation, for state and federal aid for potentially undertaking the following projects at Middleton Municipal Airport—Morey Field, 8300 Airport Road, Middleton, WI:

Design Engineering and Reconstruction of Primary Runway and Taxiway; Fuel Farm Acquisition and Upgrades, including Purchase of Unleaded Fuel Tank; Conduct Wildlife Site Visit/Assessment/ Management Plan; Purchase Mowing Equipment; Purchase Terminal Building; Sealcoat, Crackfill, and Marking of airport pavements; Drainage improvement; Clear and Maintain runway approaches as stated in Transportation Administrative Code Chapter 55; and any necessary related work.

None of the projects would expand the footprint of the existing airport, nor is the City obligated to proceed with any of these listed projects. 

A hearing on this proposed petition resolution was held before the Plan Commission on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, at 7:00 p.m.  The Plan Commission then made a recommendation that the Common Council approve the resolution. 

Airport Commission

The Airport Commission is a seven member advisory body to the Middleton Common Council that typically meets each month. Meetings are generally held on the first Thursday of each month.

Airport Master Plan Advisory Committee

The Airport Master Plan Advisory Committee  was an advisory body to the Airport Commission and Middleton Common Council that was formed in early 2019 to oversee development of an updated master plan for the airport. In collaboration with the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics, the City hired Mead & Hunt, a Middleton-based engineering consulting firm, to prepare the plan. It was completed in 2022.   For more information, see the Master Plan Project Website.

City Regulations & Other Resources Pertaining to the Airport

Policy Statements (Resolutions, Petitions) regarding the airport

For more detailed information about the airport, please visit the Morey Airport website.

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