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  1. HOw to reserve a facility

Online Reservation:

  1. Sign in or create an account
  2. Use facility availability calendars to view dates and locations.
  3. Select the date, follow online instructions, add to the cart (no fee) complete the online Reservation Request Form, and follow the check-out procedure with a value of $0.00.
  4. Your Reservation Request (no fee) is complete when a "Check Out Complete" message appears. Upon "Check Out Complete" message, the reservation date has been temporarily held on your behalf.
  5. The date is held, the request has been submitted and is awaiting manual approval.  Requests are processed in the order they are received. Please allow 1 business day for the approval of reservation requests.
  6. Once a request has been approved, payment is due and an invoice will be sent to the account email. Online payment is due; please pay promptly to secure the reservation.
  7. Upon receipt of payment, a permit will be issued via email. Keep this permit with you on your reservation date as proof of your reservation. Any necessary keys/adapters can be picked up the week before the reservation and returned by the due date.
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