April 10 Middleton Airport Master Plan Open House 

Thank you for your interest in the Master Plan being prepared for Middleton Municipal Airport--Morey Field (C29).

On Saturday, April 10, 2021 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., a virtual public open house was conducted to hear the community’s feedback on the alternatives that have been developed as part of the airport master planning process. The meeting recording is available for viewing here and a document containing the comments and project team responses is available here.

Prior to the meeting, Mead & Hunt, the City's planning and engineering consultant for the airport, prepared a series of short videos (see below) to provide background information. City officials encouraged the public to submit questions and comments ahead of the open house so that the meeting could flow as efficiently as possible, thereby maximizing the amount of time available for taking and responding to public feedback. Questions and comments were accepted until April 20.  Mead & Hunt then worked with the City to prepare a report summarizing the input and responses. This report will be reviewed by the Airport Master Plan Advisory Committee at their meeting on May 20.

How to Prepare and What to Expect

During the Open House:  Zoom Meeting Logistics 

Speaking Up During the Open House     Raising hand in Zoom

Guidelines and Expectations 

Other Ways to Participate After the Open House

If you would like to provide written input prior to or after the meeting, please use this form or send your questions and comments to C29MasterPlan@meadhunt.com

(updated 5/07/21)

April 10 Meeting Recording  

Appendix I - Open House Comments and Responses

Videos and Draft Master Plan available at the airport  

Call (608) 836-1711 to make arrangements to view in the airport terminal building the videos and paper copies of the draft master plan chapters completed to date.

Additional information and resources

C29 Airport Master Plan Project website 

While the videos above follow the progression of the master planning process and are designed to be watched in sequence, the consultant has created separate, short video files to make it easy to jump to particular topics of interest. The videos and a paper copy of the master plan chapters prepared to date are also available for review at the airport terminal building during regular business hours.