We have a YouTube channel!

Here you can find all of our virtual performances, as well as videos from class on how to do the routines!

Middleton Summer Dance Program YouTube Link:

Meet your Instructors!

Dance Instructors
Sydney has been a part of the Recreation Team since 2018, and is excited to be back teaching a variety of dance classes. She has been dancing since she was 5 and was even a part of the Middleton High School Varsity Dance Team. Sydney enjoys performing and teaching jazz and hip hop. 

Maia is looking forward to her third year co-teaching for the dance program with Middleton Recreation. When she was in high school, she performed on the Middleton High School Varsity Dance Team with Sydney. Now Maia currently choreographs for a dance company on the University of Wisconsin - Madison campus. Her favorite style to perform is lyrical. 


Hello everyone! 

We have made a new dance schedule for our July/August Programs. We have switched a few classes around and created some new offerings!

Sign up to join us this summer! 

See you soon-
Ms. Sydney and Ms. Maia 
dance dance dance

Guidelines for Dance Classes 2021

Dance Specific Program Guidelines:

- Dance classes will be separated so that social distancing is possible. 
- The classes will have dots to stand on that mark their spot in class. These will be sanitized in between classes.
- All dancers are expected to come dressed and ready to dance. Please do not bring any additional items with the exception of a water bottle for classes running longer than a half hour. 
- All dancers must be dropped off and picked up. No spectators or additional people are allowed inside the building.
- Dancers are encouraged to use the bathroom ahead of class. 
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