Meet your Instructor!

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Clare Weigert began dancing at the age of three in the Madison area. She has trained in various styles including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, lyrical, and hip hop. She enjoys them all but particularly loves ballet and jazz. She also danced competitively throughout high school. She has been teaching since age 14 and has taught many styles, levels, and age groups. In her classroom, she places a strong emphasis on hard work while instilling a passion for dance. In high school, Clare choreographed several shows for Middleton High School Theater, such as Girls Like That, The Addams Family, Singing in the Rain, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Currently, Clare is pursuing a B.S in dance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After college, she hopes to go on to become a physical therapist. Clare looks to continue her career in dance through teaching and choreography. 

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Summer 2022 Classes

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We have a YouTube channel!

Here you can find all of our virtual performances! Click the icon to head to our page!

Guidelines for Dance Classes 2021

Dance Specific Program Guidelines:

- The classes will have dots to stand on that mark their spot in class. These will be sanitized in between classes.
- All dancers are expected to come dressed and ready to dance. Please do not bring any additional items with the exception of a water bottle for classes running longer than a half hour. 
- All dancers must be dropped off and picked up. No spectators or additional people are allowed inside the building.
- Dancers are encouraged to use the bathroom ahead of class. 
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