Pre-Trial Conferences

Pre-trial Conferences are scheduled with the city prosecuting attorney when a defendant enters a not guilty plea on a citation.

"What happens if I enter a plea of not guilty at my Initial Appearance court date?"

On the night of your Initial Appearance court date, your case will be scheduled for a Pre-trial Conference with the city prosecuting attorney. If you and the city prosecutor are unable to resolve the case, then your case will be scheduled for trial.  When you arrive, proceed to the court window to complete a Not Guilty Plea form.

"Do I have to show up on my court date to enter a not guilty plea?"

No, you can submit a not guilty plea prior to your court date.  The plea must include your name, current address, phone number, citation number(s), court date, and not guilty plea statement, or you may use this form.  You may submit the plea by mail, in person, or by email at  

Upon receipt, your case will be scheduled for a Pre-trial Conference.  A notice with the date and time of your Pre-trial Conference will be mailed to the address on file, which is the same as listed on your citation.   If your address has changed, you are responsible for notifying the court.  After receiving the notice, you may call the city prosecuting attorney before your scheduled Pre-trial Conference to resolve your case. However, if you cannot resolve prior to your Pre-trial Conference date, you must appear at the scheduled date and time.

"What should I expect during a Pre-trial Conference?"

At the Pre-trial Conference, you and the city prosecuting attorney will discuss the case and respective positions. If an agreement is reached, a written plea agreement will be prepared and submitted to the judge for final review. Both you and the city prosecuting attorney will receive copies of the plea agreement. If no agreement is reached, a trial will be scheduled.

The judge reviews all plea agreements and has the final authority to accept or reject the terms. If the plea agreement is approved, you must follow the terms as ordered. If the plea agreement is rejected, you will be notified in writing that the matter will be set for trial, or of amendments to the terms.