Reopening Hearings

Wisconsin State Law allows a defendant six (6) months from the judgement date to file a request to reopen a citation.  

To initiate a request to reopen the citation, the defendant must submit a request in writing.  The request should include:  your name, current address, phone number(s), citation numbers and violations, and the reason you are requesting to reopen.  Or you may use the Motion to Reopen form.

Please be aware that a $40.00 reopening fee may be required at the time of filing.

"What happens after I file the motion?"

The judge will review your motion and order one of the following:

  • Schedule a hearing on your motion to reopen.  You will receive a written notice of your reopen hearing date.  You should be prepared to explain why the court should reopen your case.  If the judge grants your motion, you should be prepared to immediately enter your plea (e.g., not guilty, no contest, or guilty).
  • Your motion is granted.  Your case will be scheduled for a Pre-trial Conference with the City Prosecutor.  You will receive a written notice of your Pre-trial Conference date.
  • Your motion is denied, and the matter is closed.  The original finding of guilty remains as does the original sentence.

A copy of the order will be mailed to the address you provide.