Community Campus Plan


Project Background

The Middleton Common Council approved funding in 2019 for a Community Campus Plan for downtown Middleton.  The Community Campus Plan has six main goals (note these goals were slightly revised at a Community Campus Committee meeting in June 2022):

  1. Identify opportunities to modernize and/or replace the City’s current public facilities in Downtown Middleton where needed and appropriate.
  2. Identify opportunities for more efficient utilization of land through opportunities for combined facilities, flexible spaces that can serve more than one purpose, and underground and/or shared parking opportunities.
  3. Ensure that municipal facility space needs are met, and can accommodate future growth of the City.
  4. Identify opportunities for private development or public-private partnerships. Mixed-use development is encouraged.
  5. Enhance downtown Middleton by creating concepts for municipal buildings that will be visually-appealing, inviting, customer-friendly, and functional.
  6. Align with the City’s approved sustainability goals for the Civic Campus

The request for proposals was sent out in February 2019. 

The City selected SEH, in association with EUA and Findorff for this project. 

The Community Campus Committee has been guiding this process since early 2019.                                                                

Community Campus Committee Members

There are nine members on the Community Campus Committee:

  1. Common Council appointment (Kathy Olson, District 1)
  2. Plan Commission appointment (Gretchen Erdmann-Hermans)
  3. Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Commission appointment (Kiley Sherer, Director of Parks & Recreation)
  4. Library Director (Jocelyne Sansing, Library Director)
  5. Senior Center Director (Tammy Derrickson, Senior Center Director)
  6. Chamber of Commerce representative (Kate Miller, Chamber Director)
  7. Three Mayoral appointments from different aldermanic districts (confirmed by Common Council)
    • (Sue Bradley, Justin Ballweg, Jenifer Cole)


Access Agendas & Minutes

Community Campus Committee Public Meeting 9-17-19