Dog Parks

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Which Parks Can I Take My Dog To?

In Middleton -

  • Metropolitan Community Park
    • 5209 County Highway Q
  • Penni Klein Park 
    • 8780 Airport Road

What Are The Hours?

  • 8:00am - 10:00pm Daily 
  • All Year Long!

* Other Parks NOT in Middleton -

All dog park permits are valid at all Dane County Parks, City of Middleton, City of Sun Prairie and Village of Waunakee.  Additional information is available from the Public Lands Department at (608) 821-8360.

You Need A Permit!

In order to use the City of Middleton Dog Exercise Area, a daily or annual permit must be purchased.

  • Annual $43.00
  • Daily $5.00
  • Senior/Disabled $20.00
  • Additional $20.00

Click here for the permit application or go see the City Clerk in person. 

Know The Rules:

  • Dog owners are legally and financially liable for injuries or damages caused by their dog(s). Wis. Stat. Ann. 174.02(1).
  • All dogs must be legally licensed and vaccinated.
  • Dogs are required to wear a visible, municipal license, and I.D. tag. Wis. Stat Ann. 95.21(2).
  • A Daily or Annual Dog Park Permit is required D.C. Ord.53.02(2)
  • Aggressive dogs are prohibited from the park.
  • Any dog exhibiting aggressive behavior must be remove from the park immediately.
  • The owner/handler must be in control of his/her dog(s) at all times. The dog must be within view and under voice control of the owner/ handler.
  • Dog waste must be cleaned up and placed in the proper receptacle by the owner/handler.
  • Female dogs in season (heat) are not allowed in a Dog Park.
  • Dogs must be leashed and restrained by a 6-foot static leash when entering and leaving off-leash area. The owner/handler must have the leash in his/her possession at all times.

Dog Parks Information:

The City of Middleton ordinances allow for pets on leashes on all trails in city parks and/or conservancy areas. It is our hope that pet owners will use this facility on the permit basis provided. Parks and Recreation staff will have the ability to enforce the annual and daily permit system at the pet area.

The dog exercise area is part of the 146 acre Metropolitan Refuse District (MRD) property that is co-owned by the City of Middleton, Village of Shorewood Hills and Village of Waunakee. The facility has been open to the public since August 11, 2001. A 3-acre small dog area opened for use in 2013. 


  • 20 Car parking lot
  • A shade shelter 
  • Picnic tables
  • Drinking Water
  • Fenced agility course
  • Portable restrooms 
  • Dog waste disposal bags 
  • Mowed trails 
  • 3-Acre fenced small dog area

A Safety Message:

  • Many plants, fungi, and water resources may be poisonous to your dog.
  • Vegetation may have burrs or seeds that could get tangled in your dog’s coat or lodged in your dog’s ears or eyes.
  • Wild animals, particularly skunks, raccoons, opossum, or badgers could be dangerous to your dog.
  • “Batchers” (or dog thieves) have been known to take unleashed dogs when they are out of the owner's sight. You must keep your dog within sight at all times.
  • Dogs can easily become lost in large areas, especially in the winter when their sense of smell is less keen because of the cold and snow.
  • Do not confine your dog in a vehicle in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

~ Important To Note ~

The dog waste removal bags and bins at MRD Dog Exercise Area are provided by the City of Middleton. Dog waste, and the provided biodegradable bags are recycled on local farm fields. Please use the provided biodegradable waste bags and not plastic bags from home.

Volunteer Information:

Volunteers are also needed for the annual Dane County Parks Clean Up, which usually takes place on the last Saturday in March. Please contact Middleton Parks and Recreation for more event information.

Donation Information:

Donations are welcome. If you would like to make a donation, you may use the self-registration envelopes.

A Big Thank You!

The City of Middleton Dog Exercise Area features an out-door agility course free to those utilizing this park, thanks for donations by:

  • Mounds Petfood Warehouse
  • Middleton Veterinary Clinic
  • Madison Area Sporting Dog Association
  • Individual Donors