Ice Rinks

Time to Skate!


  • Today is an exciting day! The ice rinks at Parkside Heights and Meadows Park are being filled! For the next week, please stay off of the ice so it can form correctly and be used all season. Our team will check on Monday to see how they look and we will continue to update you! (1/5/23)

What to expect:

  • Our Ice Rinks are flooded and cleared as the weather permits. 
  • There is outdoor lighting at Parkside Heights and Meadows Park only.
  • We do NOT rent out skates. 
  • There are no restrooms at any of our rinks. 

Where are the Rinks:

Parkside Heights Park (3300 Northbrook Dr)

Meadows Park (6415 South Ave)

Stricker Pond (7605 Voss Pkwy)

Tiedeman Pond (1500 N Gammon Road)

Middleton Hills Pond (6867 Frank Lloyd Wright Ave)

Esser Pond (corner of John Q Hammons Dr & Deming Way)