Sustainable Middleton January 2018


Hello! You are receiving the Middleton Sustainability Committee's 'Sustainable News.' The goal of this quarterly newsletter is to ensure that all Middleton residents gain a better understanding of the initiatives that are being undertaken by the City related to sustainability. To continue receiving this newsletter, be sure to subscribe to the City’s Notify Me list for Sustainability/Environmental Education.

Sincerely, Spencer Schumacher, Chair, Kathy Olson, Vice-Chair, JoAnna Richard, Council Representative, Jessica Kim, High School Representative, and members Deb Saeger, Angie Carey, Kris Koenig, Lee Schwartz, Dave Clutter, and Bradley Harris.

Residents Spoke and the City Listened
In the fall 2016 election, Middleton residents were asked the question “Should the City of Middleton reduce the risks of global warming through its policy decisions and actions?” The referendum question passed overwhelmingly, with 80.6% of Middleton residents voting ‘yes!’ Based on the results of the referendum, the Middleton Sustainability Committee advocated for the inclusion of a part-time Sustainability Coordinator in the 2018 City of Middleton operating budget, and it was approved. Look for the job posting in early 2018. The Committee looks forward to having a dedicated staff member who can work to make Middleton a leader in addressing environmental sustainability by writing grants to help funds projects, encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy for City buildings, and help update the City's Sustainability Plan.

Battery Collection at the Middleton Recycling Center

​The City of Middleton has partnered with Call2Recycle to offer battery recycling at the Middleton Recycling Center! Call2Recycle is a national company that collects old and used batteries, so that they can be ethically and sustainably recycled. The cost to recycle batteries at the Middleton Recycling Center is $1 small container recycled.

Recycling batteries keeps harmful chemicals and heavy metals out of the environment. Call2Recycle accepts rechargeable batteries and single-use batteries. Once placed in collection boxes, the batteries are then mailed back to Call2Recyle headquarters to give used batteries a second life. Valuable metals can be recovered from recycled batteries and turned silverware, pots and pans, new batteries, golf clubs, and more! Recycle your batteries today at the Middleton Recycling Center! What’s better than single-use batteries? Rechargeable batteries! Rechargeable batteries hold charges longer than single-use batteries and can be used over and over, which save you money, increase energy efficiency, and protect the environment by keeping heavy metals and chemicals out of our landfills. To learn why you should choose rechargeable batteries, visit:

Holiday Lights Recycling

​The City of Middleton Sustainability Committee is once again sponsoring a holiday lights recycling collection program. You can recycle your burnt-out, broken, or otherwise unwanted holiday lights from now through the end of this month at no cost.

Recycling collection sites are available at:

​Middleton Springs Ace Hardware, 2540 Allen Boulevard
​Wolff Kubly Ace Hardware, 6305 University Avenue
Middleton Recycling Center (during normal hours on Saturday mornings), 4330 Parmenter Street

​Please contact the City of Middleton with questions at (608) 821-8370.

Future News

Got a topic you would like to be covered in a future issue of Sustainable News? Contact Abby Attoun, Director of Community Development.