Sustainable Middleton July 2017


A Message from the Middleton Sustainability Committee
​Hello! You are receiving the Middleton Sustainability Committee's Sustainable Middleton newsletter. The goal of this quarterly newsletter is to ensure that all Middleton residents gain a better understanding of the initiatives that are being undertaken by the City related to sustainability. To continue receiving this newsletter, be sure to subscribe to the City’s Notify Me list for Sustainability/Environmental Education.

Sincerely, Spencer Schumacher, Chair, Kathy Olson, Vice-Chair, JoAnna Richard, Council Representative, and members Deb Saeger, Angie Carey, Kris Koenig, Lee Schwartz, Dave Clutter, and Bradley Harris.

Middleton's Bike Week Commuter Station
​The Middleton Sustainability Committee and the Pedestrian, Bicycle and Transit Committee launched Middleton’s inaugural bike commuter station during Wisconsin Bike Week 2017! The successful bike commuter station ran from 7:00-9:00am on Friday June 9th at the intersection of Old Middleton Road and Stonefield Road, which proved to be an ideal location for the many cyclists out and about in Middleton. In the two hour time period, around 30 cyclists stopped by the station to fuel up on warm coffee and delicious baked goods!

​Planning for Wisconsin Bike Week 2018 is already underway, and the Sustainability Committee and Pedestrian, Bike and Transit Committee hope to have a bike commuter station every day of the week next year! Sponsorship opportunities are available; please contact Mark Opitz, Assistant Planning Director, to inquire about business sponsorship opportunities!

Cyclists, along with Mark Opitz, Assistant Planning Director, at the 2017 Bike Commuter Station

Bike Commuter Station
Solar Lease Agreement
The City of Middleton has entered into a preliminary agreement with OneEnergy Renewables to lease approximately 16 acres of land at the Middleton Municipal Airport for a large-scale solar project. The proposed project is a 3.5 megawatt project on City property north of the airport. The 3.5 megawatt project would generate about 5 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually. Currently in Wisconsin, the largest solar array is a 2.25 megawatt project, so at 3.5 megawatts this project in Middleton is poised to be the largest solar project in Wisconsin. A 100-megawatt solar energy plant is planned in River Falls, Wisconsin, which is expected to go online in 2021.

Proposed project area outlined in RED.

Solar Project Area
Clean Energy Improvements to City Hall
City Hall and the Middleton Public Library are undergoing energy efficiency improvements! Enhancements to equipment in both buildings include updates to lamps, lighting controls, ballasts, fixtures, and accessories! To kick start this exciting project, the City utilized capital carryover funds, Focus on Energy incentives, and received a $25,000 Clean Energy Investments Grant from the Office of Energy Innovation, allowing the full project costs to be covered! The energy improvements made to City Hall are expected to save an estimated 46,600 Kwh per year, valuing to about $5,000 in annual savings; while the Library is estimated to save 111,800 Kwh per year, valuing to about $12,000 in annual savings! In total, the City is expected to save 158,400 Kwh per year, meaning savings of $17,000 in annual energy costs!

City employees install new LED bulbs as part of energy improvements

Energy Efficiency 1
40 Attendees at the Future of Solar Energy Panel Discussion
Approximately 40 community members and local professionals gathered at the Middleton Public Library on June 28th, to discuss the overall future of solar energy, and current solar projects happening right here in Middleton! Representatives from the City of Middleton and local industry professionals touched on Middleton’s current solar initiatives, as well as goals for future solar projects within the City. This includes the extension of the City of Madison’s MadiSUN solar panel group purchase program to Middleton residents! (See next topic for details)
Solar Discussion
MadiSUN Group Buy for Residential Solar Projects
The MadiSUN program allows Middleton residents to enroll in a Group Buy program to purchase and install solar on their homes. Through the group share model, this program aims to reduce the initial cost of solar energy, and increase access to solar energy for all residents! The first 2017 MadiSUN solar installation is being installed on a home in Middleton next week. Visit the MadiSUN website to find out how you can get involved or attend the next MadiSUN solar information session at the Capital Brewery on Monday, July 17 at 5:30pm!
Future News
Got a topic you would like to be covered in a future issue of Sustainable Middleton? Contact Abby Attoun, Director of Community Development.