Sustainable Middleton January 2017


A Message From the Middleton Sustainability Committee

Happy New Year from the Middleton Sustainability Committee! If you’re looking for a way to become more sustainable in the new year, here are 5 easy tips you can follow:
1. Save energy! Upgrade your heating and cooling equipment to make your home more comfortable and lower your bills. Be sure to check out Focus on Energy’s incentives before your upgrade. 2. Reuse! Before purchasing a new product, check out the Freecycle section at the Middleton Recycling Center for a reused or repurposed option.
3. Save water! Change out your high water using toilets for low-flow options and take advantage of the City’s $100 toilet rebate while you’re at it.
4. Bus rather than drive! Madison Metro serves Madison and Middleton with bus service. Check out Madison Metro’s weekday bus map to learn how you can change the way you commute, and all for $2 (or less).
5. Shop local! Independent, community-serving businesses carry more locally-made products, and locate closer to residents, creating less traffic and air pollution. For a list of local businesses, visit the Middleton Chamber of Commerce and Dane Buy Local.

  • 1,370 gallons – of latex paint were collected in 2016 for recycling at the Middleton Recycling Center. Latex paint collection will start back up in April of 2017.
  • 21% - of the Shared Solar subscribers for the MG & E solar project at the Municipal Operations Center are City of Middleton residents.
  • 296 solar PV modules – totaling 100 kW were installed at the Middleton Police Department in late 2016. The project supports 25% of the Police Department’s energy needs.

Climate Referendums Pass With Huge Margins

The Sustainability Committee and Middleton City Council put forward two questions on the November ballot related to climate change. The first question was “Should the City of Middleton reduce the risks of global warming through its policy decisions and actions?” This question passed with 81% of Middleton residents voting yes. The second question was “Should the City of Middleton endorse a federal carbon fee and dividend program as part of a national strategy to reduce the risks of global warming?” This question passed with 72% of Middleton residents voting yes. To learn more about a federal carbon fee and dividend program, visit the Citizens’ Climate Lobby website.

The Middleton Sustainability Committee wishes to thank the following people for volunteering their time to provide information related to the referendums: Kermit Hovey, Spencer Schumacher, Lee Schwartz, Janelle Schwartz, Dick Smith, Dave Clutter, Paul Riehemann, Tony Praza, Tom Sinclair, Sara Roberts, Peter Kechele, Nino Amato, Karen Kendrick-Hands, Larry Hands, Megha Chalke, Lew Blank, and Peter Opitz.

Be Salt Wise!

Once you put salt down, it doesn’t go away. It washes off surfaces and accumulates in local lakes, streams, and drinking water. You can keep sidewalks and driveways safe this winter while protecting our waters by following three simple steps and becoming WI Salt Wise!

Med Drop Fall Disposal

The fall disposal for the Middleton Med Drop included 62 boxes of meds collected from May of 2016 to October of 2016 at the Middleton Police Department. The total weight of meds was 1,623 pounds! Thanks to Middleton Detective Sergeant Jeremy Geiszler for coordinating the Med Drop program on behalf of the City. To learn more about the City’s 24/7 Med Drop service, visit:

Recycle Your Holiday Lights

Drop off burned out, broken, and otherwise unwanted holiday lights at either Ace Hardware Middleton Springs (2540 Allen Boulevard) or Wolff Kubly Ace Hardware (6305 University Avenue) or at the Middleton Recycling Center on Saturdays 8am-noon (4330 Parmenter Street) for safe and proper recycling free of charge. Look for the gray container with the wreath poster on the front! The recycling containers will be available through the end of this month.

City Receives Two Sustainability Grants Totaling $440,000

The City of Middleton was selected to receive two sustainability grants totaling $440,000. The first is a Transportation Alternatives Grant ($267,000) to construct a 10-foot wide bike/ped path along the north side of Century Avenue, between the Branch Street and the Highland Way. The second is a Knowles-Nelson grant ($172,250) to acquire property on the north side of Century Avenue, west of Branch Street to expand the conservancy, establish a trailhead, and provide storm water enhancements. If you’d like to learn more about these projects, please contact Abby Attoun, Director of Community Development.

Sustainable Purchasing Policy

The City of Middleton, with assistance from WECC, is preparing a Sustainable Purchasing Policy. The purpose of the Sustainable Purchasing Policy is to implement guidelines that promote the purchase of environmentally-preferable and locally-sourced products, in accordance with the goals stated in the Sustainable City Plan. To see a draft of the Sustainable Purchasing Policy, visit the City website.

Urban Greenway Study

The City, working with Vandewalle and Strand, have prepared a draft Urban Greenway Study, which focuses on the significance of the greenway to the City of Middleton, in terms of environment, transportation, health, and economic benefits. A full formatted draft document can be viewed online at: /DocumentCenter/View/3879.

Future News

Got a topic you would like to be covered in a future issue of Sustainable News? Contact Abby Attoun, Director of Community Development.
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