Public Lands Endowment Fund Committee

The City of Middleton is seeking volunteers to serve on a planning committee for the development of an endowment fund for City of Middleton Public Lands. The committee is expected to begin work in February 2016 and complete its assignment within six months.

The planning committee will consist of seven volunteers, primarily citizens from within the city. The committee will have a facilitator to assist with the administration of the committee’s work, including setting up meetings, developing a committee workplan and meeting agendas, plus recording meeting notes.

The planning committee will report to the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Commission (PRFC) and the Conservancy Lands Committee (CLC). PRFC and CLC will review and approve products of the committee and forward for City Council approval, as needed.

The planning committee will:
• Identify and meet with the major stakeholders in Middleton, including organizations working to support public lands or raising funds for other public efforts in the city
• From initial meetings with stakeholders, draft a mission statement for PRFC and CLC review
• Hold public meetings on the approved draft mission statement and share public response with PRFC and CLC
• Review and revise, as needed, an agreement with Madison Community Foundation for a permanent endowment fund
• Present the draft endowment agreement for city approval
• Identify and recommend seven advisory committee members -- committed to Middleton Public Lands, skilled in fund management, and fundraising – for a subsequent on-going advisory committee for the permanent endowment

Applicants for this volunteer work should have a strong commitment to Middleton Public Lands, effective planning skills, and good interpersonal and consensus building skills.

Individuals interested in serving on this planning committee should email a note of interest to Penni Klein, Public Lands Manager by February 12, 2016. The email should include applicant’s name, phone number, home and email address plus a short statement indicating why the applicant is interested in this work.

On October 6, 2015, City of Middleton Common Council approved resolution 2015-43 to explore options for developing a Middleton Public Lands Endowment Fund, draft contracts, as needed, and implement a fund for the City, to accept donations from individuals and organizations. A non-lapsing endowment fund would complement the work of the city, identified by its Comprehensive Park and Open Space Plan, Conservancy Lands Open Space Plan, and goals for further development and maintenance of the urban forest on public lands.