2020 Comprehensive Plan Updates


The City of Middleton is a sustainable, urban community with an exceptional quality of life that is rooted in environmental stewardship. We are a thriving and safe community accessible to all, and celebrate diversity and equitable opportunities for all people.


As the Good Neighbor City, Middleton embraces...

  • Community – We are a welcoming, inclusive city with a distinct identity, anchored by a vibrant downtown. 
  • Sustainability – We meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Equity – We celebrate diversity and strive for fair and just opportunities and outcomes for all people.
  • Health – We focus on the well-being of people and the environment.
  • Accessibility – We embrace full participation by all members of our community.
  • Innovation – We collaborate with individuals, businesses, and organizations to embrace new ideas that will foster strong economic growth.
  • Resiliency – We aspire to be a community that is capable of withstanding and recovering from adverse situations.


  1. Land Use – Middleton will establish a land use pattern that promotes compact development, protection of natural resources, a range of housing options, mobility, and economic growth in order to maintain an exceptional quality of life.
  2. Transportation – Middleton’s transportation system will be safe, reliable, convenient, affordable, and less reliant on single occupancy vehicles so as to reduce environmental impact, promote active lifestyles, and enhance prosperity.
  3. Housing – Middleton will support a wide range of housing types, sizes, and costs throughout the City, including quality affordable housing, in order to meet the projected housing needs.
  4. Economic Development – Middleton will support an inclusive and innovative economy that includes a range of high quality jobs and educational opportunities to serve the needs of the community at large.
  5. Character – Middleton will embrace the vibrant characteristics that shape our community’s evolving identity while celebrating its heritage.
  6. Green City – Middleton will preserve, protect and enhance our unparalleled connections to nature, agriculture, and water resources, and we will continue to lead with a community-wide stewardship ethic that will equitably mitigate climate change and adapt to our changing environment.
  7. Local Government – Middleton will continually engage stakeholders, provide high quality and efficient services, and develop partnerships with other agencies and units of government where appropriate to meet community needs.