Brush Program


Scheduled collection of brush will be provided once per month from April through October. Special collections may be made in response to storm events.

Brush collection is intended as a convenience to property owners and not as a support service for land clearing activities. Brush will not be collected from tree removal or trimming work done by commercial contractors. Collection on private property is prohibited, unless a Release of Liability Agreement is signed and on file with the Dept. of Public Works.

Chipped wood will be delivered to property owners upon email request. Residents must agree to take an entire truck load at a time, typically 8-10 cubic yards. Material is not quality commercial grade. It contains various types of wood bark, sticks and leaves.

Please see the City’s Brush Collection Policy for a complete description of the curbside brush collection service schedule, rules and alternative disposal option.

Your cooperation in making the scheduled collection of brush as efficient as possible is appreciated. Please follow these instructions:

  • Limbs or branches must not exceed 6” in diameter.
  • Place brush in an orderly fashion parallel to the curb, with all cut ends pointing to the right as you face the street.
  • Avoid conflicts with trees, poles, hydrants, mailboxes, parked cars, and other obstructions.
  • Remove all metal, roots and dirt.
  • Keep brush segregated from garbage, leaves and garden waste.
  • Brush trimmed by contractors WILL NOT be collected.
  • Brush mixed with leaves WILL NOT be collected.