Online Bill Pay

Property Tax Payments

Property tax payments may be made online through Payment Service Network (PSN). This service is available 24 hours a day up to January 22, 2022. No payments are accepted after that date in order to allow time for bank transaction processing.  A convenience fee is charged for online payment. Visit PSN Property Tax Payments and select the Quick Pay option to get started.  Do not make property tax payments on your existing utility account!

Utility Bill Payments

Stop: Please make sure you are not signing into your utility bill pay account to make a property tax payment. Tax payments made on utility accounts are invalid and will result in a corresponding credit to your utility account.

Quarterly Online (Checking or Savings Account)
Utility bills can be paid each quarter through a free online service; Payment Service Network (PSN). A confirmation e-mail will be sent following each payment. Within the user profile of your online account you can decide whether or not to store your bank information. Simply create a secure online account at PSN. There will be a $3.30 fee per transaction to cover the cost for this service. Visit the Payment Service Network (PSN) to get started.

Automatic Check Handling (ACH) Payments (Checking or Savings Account)
Utility bills can be paid through automatic draft service. Through bank drafting, your quarterly utility bill is withdrawn automatically on the due date from your checking or savings account. You will continue to receive a quarterly statement showing your current charges. Because payment is automatic there are no late penalty fees or postage costs. If interested in payment through the automatic draft service, please complete the ACH form and return to the Water and Sewer Utilities Division of the Public Works Department. This form needs to be updated if your banking information changes.

Alarm Licenses and False Alarm Fees

Residential and Commercial annual alarm licenses and false alarm fees may be paid electronically via the Payment Services Network (PSN).  You will need your alarm bill to complete the payment process as both your Alarm ID Number and your Bill Number are required to continue with online payment.  Please click on this link to pay your alarm related bills;
Alarm License and Fee Payments

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets may be paid electronically via the Payment Services Network (PSN). You will need either the license plate number of the vehicle that received the citation or your parking ticket number to continue with online payment. The parking ticket number is located in the upper right hand corner of your ticket. This online payment link is for Parking Tickets issued by the Middleton Police Department only. To pay citations other than parking tickets, you must contact the Middleton Municipal Court at (608) 824-7370. Please click on this link to pay your Parking Tickets only;
Parking Ticket Payments

Municipal Citations

Payments can be made online by credit or debit card through Payment Service Network.  Payment Service Network assesses a convenience fee for credit or debit card payments.
Please note the link below is not for payment of Parking Citations.
Municipal Citation Payments